Mission is as vital to the church, as the beating heart and breathing are to the body. Without either of these the body would not survive. When the church is not actively engaged in mission, it has absolutely no reason to exist. Since Jesus came from heaven to earth on a mission to save us from our sins; and, since Jesus gave His all to accomplish His mission; an outstanding response from Ebenezer will make known to Him that His life giving sacrifice was not in vain. For Ebenezer West to engage in mission work at the St. Carl Home of the Champions School & Orphanage is the greatest expression of our love to Christ Jesus as we carry out His mandate of THE GREAT COMMISSION.

We GO to St. Carl to SHOW we care, to give the children some HOPE and to make an investment in changing for the better, the hard and difficult lives the children of St. Carl and the community of Kisii lives every day.

Here’s How You Can Help the Mission Team….


Have a Heart for Mission…Interested in Learning More about Mission Work?
Join the  EBCW Kenya Mission Team and learn how you can become a part of our mission at The St. Carl Home of the Champions Orphanage Mission in Kisii, Kenya.
For more information, Contact Sis. Lynn Brown, Mission Team Leader at lbrown0104@aol.com.