Partnering With Other Ministires

With the Christian Education Ministry of Ebenezer Baptist being that ministry which undergirds supports and gives direction to all of the ministries of the church; we acknowledge that our department is principled to cover the Edifying ministries of the church.  Those Edifying ministries exist to equip the saints for the work of ministry through instruction and teaching so that the body may grow in the knowledge of the Son of God and mature disciples.  Those ministries are:

  • R.E.A.L (Redeemed, Empowered, and Anointed Living), endeavors to minister to the holistic needs of church and community members ages 18 – 35 through biblical exposition and relevant activities that will give young adults the opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with each other and with Jesus Christ.


  • The O.P.A.L.S (Older People are lovingly Special), has as its mission to enrich the lives of those fifty years old and older by providing opportunities to:  participate in activities that foster spiritual and evangelistic growth, strengthen each other through wholesome fellowship and service, encourage mental, emotional, physical and nutritional wellness.


  • The Singles Ministry, which provides those special needs of singles, which enables them to value and celebrate a life dedicated to partnership with Christ.  Members strive to become spiritually equipped and experience a rich, rewarding, personal walk with the Lord, through ministry.  They aspire to achieve and know God’s will through prayer, Bible study and service as well as to be a support to each other through the provision of regular encouragement, edification and Christian fellowship.


  • The Married Couples Ministry endeavors to encourage, inspire and lead all married couples to realize God’s plan for their lives and to be a source of support for each other through fellowship and the study of God’s Word.


  • Women’s Ministry seeks to assist the church in equipping women to meet the spiritual, relational and emergency needs of women and their families who are a part of Ebenezer Baptist Church West and the community.

    Leaders of the Women’s Ministries Team recognize that it is impossible to meet all the needs of women within the body and through this ministry alone, but believe they are capable of effectively assisting the church in ministering to areas of need which may be unique to women, single, married, divorced or widowed. The Women’s Ministries Team chooses to target the spiritual and mission needs of women because they believe if these needs are met, the relational and emotional needs will be met as well. The teams that function are:

    • Women’s Mission Department
      • Senior Mission the ministry seeks to actively involve women of the church ages 60 and above in the work and study of the Mission Department.
      • Women Walking Worthy the ministry seeks to actively involve women of the church ages 36 – 59 in the work and study of the Mission Department.
      • R.E.A.L. Women the ministry seeks to actively involve women of the church ages 18 – 35 in the work and study of the Mission Department.
    • Ladies League
  • Men’s Ministry
    • Cosby Men’s Fellowship

The Apostle Paul encouraged the church at Corinth by demonstrating the extravagant generosity of the Macedonians. In spite of the dire circumstances faced by the Macedonians, they made heroic sacrifices above and beyond what any of them thought they could. Ultimately, they boldly went forward, they trusted God and the Bible says “they exceeded expectations” in their generosity. That’s the Ebenezer West way...that’s God’s way!

Pastor Vision Statement:
As we embark on this NEXT journey, rooted in Zechariah 4:10, we're fueled by a shared conviction to fully live out our mission: to go back into the world to reach others for Jesus Christ. This 2-year campaign calls us to be better stewards, investing in our church's future through expanded facilities and ministry.

Our $4M goal will amplify our kingdom impact, serving men, women, youth, and our community with expanded facilities and ministries. Let's tear down barriers, welcome all, and fulfill Christ's mandate locally, nationally, and globally. Your maximum participation is integral to exceeding expectations and fulfilling the charge before us to leave a legacy that inspires future generations to go even higher…NEXT!

Rev. Dr. Daryl Bloodsaw, Pastor