Extend Ministries

We strive to extend the mission of Jesus Christ through the encouragement of one another by building up the body of Christ in our church family, the community, state and world through service ministries which provide educational, financial, spiritual and physical assistance.

• Community Ministry Center provides food, clothes and financial assistance to those in need. The hours of operation are: Monday – Thursday 2:00 pm – 4:45 pm.
• Deacons Ministry
• Deaconess Ministry
• Finance Team Ministry
• Food Service Ministry
• Greeters Ministry
• HealthCare Team Ministry
• Ministers & Ministers Wives Ministry
• Personnel Ministry
• Public Relations Ministry
• Scholarship Ministry
• Security and Parking Ministry
• Stewardship Ministry
• Trustee Ministry
• Van & Transportation Ministry
• Ushers Ministries

The Apostle Paul encouraged the church at Corinth by demonstrating the extravagant generosity of the Macedonians. In spite of the dire circumstances faced by the Macedonians, they made heroic sacrifices above and beyond what any of them thought they could. Ultimately, they boldly went forward, they trusted God and the Bible says “they exceeded expectations” in their generosity. That’s the Ebenezer West way...that’s God’s way!

Pastor Vision Statement:
As we embark on this NEXT journey, rooted in Zechariah 4:10, we're fueled by a shared conviction to fully live out our mission: to go back into the world to reach others for Jesus Christ. This 2-year campaign calls us to be better stewards, investing in our church's future through expanded facilities and ministry.

Our $4M goal will amplify our kingdom impact, serving men, women, youth, and our community with expanded facilities and ministries. Let's tear down barriers, welcome all, and fulfill Christ's mandate locally, nationally, and globally. Your maximum participation is integral to exceeding expectations and fulfilling the charge before us to leave a legacy that inspires future generations to go even higher…NEXT!

Rev. Dr. Daryl Bloodsaw, Pastor