About Christian Ed

The Christian Education Ministry of Ebenezer Baptist is that ministry which undergirds, supports and gives direction to all of the ministries of the church; it provides and develops programs and opportunities for all to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically as we seek to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement:
The mission of this ministry is to fulfill the mission statement of Ebenezer Baptist Church, West: To preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that transforms non-believers into believers (Evangelism), believers into disciples (Edification), disciples into fruitful mature believers (Equipping), who will in turn go back into the world to reach others for Jesus Christ (Extending). We do so by providing Christ-centered, Holy Spirit led sound Christian teachings.

Purpose: Ebenezer’s Christian Education Ministry’s purpose is to make disciples for Christ by teaching and enabling others to know and follow the example and teachings of Jesus as written in the Holy Bible. We will accomplish this by supporting the ministries of the church and by providing and developing programs for members of our congregation and community of all ages by means of Bible study, training and enrichment activities which in the midst of a supportive and loving environment with the goal of developing the total person.

Opportunities: We endeavor to make all teachings relevant to life and inspiring to the heart and mind. The spiritual walk of each person is different. Our individual journey to becoming all that Christ desires and requires us to be makes it important that we offer a variety of subject matter and methods by which we share the Gospel. The Christian Education Ministry has within its department many and various opportunities and programs to nurture and strengthen the believer’s love and understanding of Almighty God.